Personal Administrators is a family home office that serves high net worth individuals and multigenerational families. We provide comprehensive oversight and detailed management across all aspects of our client’s financial lives.


Personal Administrators was founded in 1981, and has served some of the most notable Texans in recent history. We distinguish ourselves through an unwavering commitment to personal service and a degree of expertise that our clients could not replicate unless they were to assume the sizeable investment of establishing their own family office. This, together with our high standards for confidentiality, has led to a reputation for the highest level of family office service.





Personal Administrators provides complex problem solving along with the management of detailed day to day accounts and transactions. Our proactive approach allows us to address issues before they become problems, and provides clients with the confidence that their business is being handled by a wise and objective friend. We are comfortable handling the most complex and difficult problems, while making every effort to ensure our clients experience a comforting, casual, home-like environment that is positive and non-judgmental.

We don’t take the place of a family’s accountant, attorney or other business professionals. We work closely with each client’s advisors, objectively addressing their holistic needs and adding an extra dimension of service and insight to their team. We have found that by providing family advisors with the accurate information needed to complete their tasks on your behalf, our clients benefit from a fully aligned support team that is capable of making more advantageous recommendations.


Personal Administrators provides comprehensive financial oversight and asset administration customized for each client’s unique needs. Our organizational system and disciplined work style allows us to assume responsibility for the impeccable management of every detail. At the same time, our clients find they have the control, privacy and confidentiality that they desire.

Upon engagement, our clients experience an immediate relief from their daily business activities along with the knowledge that each task is being handled appropriately. Our professional approach is compassionate, encouraging and fun.

Our range of capabilities has been tested over the years, and we are proud to show expertise in handling specific challenges such as those associated with estate planning, trust monitoring, insurance issues, estate inventories, minute books, and divorce settlements-to name just a few.

Our customized services are based on each client’s needs. Some areas of focus that our clients benefit from are:

  • Oil & gas investment management
  • Cash flow planning for loans
  • Gifting
  • Personal financial statements
  • Investment monitoring
  • Private foundation assistance
  • End-of-life transitions
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement
  • Trust set-up
  • Life changes, such as marriage or divorce
  • New family members


If you would like to explore whether Personal Administrators might be a fit for you, please call us at 512.328.1184 between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. You may also email us at:

Our office is located at:
3939 Bee Cave Road, Austin, Texas, 78746
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